Artist Spotlight: Grizelda Kitching

Q1 Can you talk us through your unique process and style of printmaking which incorporates mixed media techniques?  

My practice primarily involves paper-based, process-led, printmaking. Typically, I use photography to capture images as a starting point, then develop a response to the original imagery through colour and mark-making.  

More recently, over lockdown and due and to restricted access to screen print facilities, my work has become more abstract. I have begun to create more spontaneous pieces using mono printing and painting.  

Currently colour is central to my practice, along with texture. Bright blasts of colour inspired from my memory of the subject image. For more abstract pieces I use colour more spontaneously, normally picking a colour palette beforehand. 


Q2 Your work features varying locations globally, how do you source your reference imagery? What do you seek to reveal about these places?   

Nature and my surroundings are a huge source of inspiration. I have been lucky to travel to a couple of very inspirational locations, including Japan, where I used photography to source my imagery.  

The mark making overlays on my artworks are loosely inspired by my memory and how I felt at that location.  For my latest series of prints I have been using photos of nature, in particular the changing seasons - including, blossom and autumnal leaves. 

'Sakyo-Ku, Kyoto, Japan' available at A.R.T Store in Earth One campaign. 


Q3 Can you tell us more about your limited edition print 'Sakyo-Ku, Kyoto, Japan' available exclusively for our Earth One campaign? 

In 2018,I visited my mate and fellow printmaker Minami (@minwrigley) in Japan. It was up there with the best trip I've ever been on! The culture and mix of traditional arts and crafts combined with modern technologies is like nowhere else I have visited. Kyoto was amazing, we visited Sakyō-ku in the north-east. The print I have contributed for the Earth One Campaign is a screen print of the beautiful woodland area by a shrine.  


Q4 If you could encourage a reader to make one small change to positively impact the climate, what would it be? 

Re-useable water bottles! Super easy to do, there's no need for one-use plastic. Everyone making a simple change like this could make a dramatic difference.  


Q5 Would you have any advice for upcoming graduates or emerging artists?  

I work at Camberwell College of Arts, UAL. So, I work closely with graduates. Student and recent graduates have shown such resilience during the pandemic. Their impressive motivation has been inspiring for my own practice.  

I am always uplifted by the traditional art school community vibe at Camberwell. Students are constantly doing external exhibitions and collaborations. I would say just say, once graduated... keep this going!  

If financially possible a shared space/studio is great! My studio at Bussey Building, Copeland Park in Peckham has been such a nice escape over the last year. Surrounding myself with creatives, who you can discuss work with is such a plus. I share my studio space with my good mate, artist, and printmaker Ines de Cordova (@inesfcs).


Q6 Any upcoming news you would like to share?  

My most recent screen print editions - 'Mexico' and 'Belize' published by Jealous London Gallery are available to buy at