Who We Are

A platform for artists, by artists, harnessing art for positive change 

A·R·T - A Reason To - is a new and exciting art initiative brought to you by Acrylicize, supporting social causes and talented artists. We will be releasing curated art collections in order to raise proceeds for great causes whilst supporting participating artists. 


How it started.... 

The A·R·T platform is an evolution of an Acrylicize project that we started in 2015; Studio 7. It was designed to be a space to give back to the scene through free events, exhibitions, talks, workshops and gigs, and was always our hope that through this modest hang-out spot, people would positively connect through art and creativity in a safe, inclusive environment.

The space quickly became a close knit community hosting several events a month with a diverse, open, and dynamic creative energy. Through this program of events we started meeting incredibly talented artists and soon realised that we could join the dots with our existing Acrylicize clients, offering fresh commercial opportunities to an under represented talent pool and naturally evolved to become both creators and curators under the Acrylicize name.

Given the limited ability to host physical events this year and our continued desire to use art as a vehicle for positive change, we decided to evolve the Studio 7 platform into a new and exciting art initiative, supporting social causes and talented artists at the very heart of the project. 

What we do...

Through A·R·T, we will be releasing curated art collections throughout the year in order to raise funds for selected charities and causes, utilising the platform to support and promote the artists involved. Never before has it been so important for people to look after one another, and through A·R·T our hope is that by paying it forward, we can actively contribute to the ongoing cultural shift towards kindness, generosity and hope for all.

A Reason To… help, create, unite.