Hunger Free Future - Why The Trussell Trust?

The pandemic has made societal frameworks visible around the world and caused devastating effects on people's lives. It has also shown us that collectively if we work together, we can cause transformational change, hope and optimism.

Marcus Rashford's school meals petition as example passed over a million signatures and forced a government U-turn on free school meals during holidays. 

According to The Trussell Trust food banks gave out 2,600 parcels to children every day on average in the first six months of the pandemic in the UK, and this looks set to increase dramatically over the upcoming winter months. 


This is why we felt empowered to set up a monthly 'A Reason To' supporting charitable causes we admire and  mobilising art as a vehicle for change. A way to collectively come together, while supporting emerging artists and creatives. Our first collection is "Multiply Kindness". Featuring over twenty contemporary artists, who were asked to respond to the concept of ‘human kindness’ and what can happen when this multiplies. Visit the collection here. 

Help The Trussell Trust build a #HungerFreeFuture.