Zig Zag Wanderer
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Zig Zag Wanderer

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Rebecca Gilpin

Giclée Print

Available in size A2

Edition of 150

Artwork Information

Zig Zag Wanderer is an exclusive print created for the campaign A-R-T for Ukraine. 

This print is a high quality digital reproduction of an original work by the artist Rebecca Gilpin who, upon completing the original painting declared:

“I finally finished this painting after 7 months of working on it. I’ve found it really

interesting retrospectively looking at each stage of the painting and observing what has subconsciously come through in the work - usually the records I’m listening to most and other painter’s techniques I’m inspired by. Now restrictions are lifting and life is back in motion, I feel this new work mirrors this. I have tried to capture freedom, rhythm and movement now that we are allowed to dance again.”

Every print sold in this collection will go towards supporting The British Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal. 

We will donate 100% funds raised to The British Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal supporting shelter, food, first aid and warm clothes. We would like to thank Rebecca Gilpin for donating her artist fee for the sale of these works.

About the artist:

Rebecca Gilpin is a London born artist currently working in central London. She specialises in abstract painting on a large scale, taking inspiration from different periods between ancient art and popular culture - cave etchings to record covers. She graduated with a first in Fine Art from the University of Oxford Brookes in 2018, followed by an MA in 2019.

She has two different ways of painting that she switches between, primed oil paintings and then soak stain paintings on unprimed canvas. Her repetitive technique of staining unprimed canvas with acrylic and water was first witnessed in India as a child. When she is painting with oils, she creates thick built up, textured process paintings which are assertive and bold. Her striking colour palette embodies the wonders of the natural world.

Each painting tells a story, whether it be autobiographical or something she has read or seen. She believes that everything is connected on her journey to understanding the world.

She plays with the idea of chance by being as free as possible and in a state of flow when she paints.

She has worked with different producers and musicians for two past series of work creating and blending dissimilar genres, mirroring how she merges or references different ideas and concepts from the history of painting. To date, her paintings have mostly been named after song titles or lyrics.

Rebecca has hosted 7 solo shows in London and been part of 12 group shows in the UK.

Her work has been bought by Oxford Brookes University’s Art Fund and presently hangs in the Vice President’s office. Another of her pieces was selected by the Chelsea and Westminster hospital’s official charity, and now hangs in the HIV ward. Another large scale piece hangs in St Mungo's women’s hostel in North London. Her work has been sold to collectors in the UK, USA, Mexico and throughout Europe.

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